Do you want to change culture

Christians change culture. We confront the lies in our culture for what they are. We subvert, by offering a different story cutting across the dominant narrative. Finally, we re-create new horizons of possibility by inhabiting a story of hope. Andy Crouch’s book Culture Making is great on this.

But we don’t operate in a vacuum. We need a framework, a way of seeing that determines our values and helps us understand the world around us. I believe that the biblical text provides us with such a framework. I wrote about it in one of my first blogs and said that I was working on some videos.

The videos have arrived and are hosted on a Public Leadership website run by Evangelical Alliance. There are some great resources on the site – check it out.

For now – here is the first video called ‘The Grid’. The grid is not definitive but I hope it will help Christians begin the journey of changing culture.


Everyday, our lives as kingdom-carriers cut across the dominant narrative – a series of stories that sadly, far too many people live by. The ‘Jesus story’ is a radically different understanding about where we have come from and where we are going to, which affects our identity, relationships and purpose in the here and now. When we inhabit this story, and He inhabits us, it cuts across the dominant narrative. Not just intellectually, but practically in radical acts of healing, grace, generosity and release.

Apologetics must combine the head and the heart. Very few people are argued into the kingdom. Similarly, those who have a radical experience but no understanding of who this person is they now worship, don’t last. Another example of the both/and nature of the kingdom!


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