Cakes and Handshakes

The headlines this week have been dominated by the Ashers decision and Prince Charles' visit. This vlog reflects on both. You can read more about the Ashers decision int he post below. I was, and remain concerned about how the judge found that ‘support for same sex marriage is indissociable from sexual orientation.’ Essentially, if … Continue reading Cakes and Handshakes

Ashers – A Blow for Freedom and Equality

In a ruling with potentially far-reaching implications, a judge in Northern Ireland has restricted the freedom of business owners to decide which goods and services they can supply. The law, which rightly protects people from discrimination, has now been extended to protect ideas. The judge decided what the bakers were really thinking and whether it … Continue reading Ashers – A Blow for Freedom and Equality

Ashers – a Blow to Freedom

In a ruling with far-reaching implications, a judge has today decided that business owners cannot choose which goods and services they can supply. The judge ruled that the McArthur family, who run Ashers bakery, were not entitled to decline to make a cake supporting same sex marriage and in doing so were guilty of discrimination. … Continue reading Ashers – a Blow to Freedom