About me

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 14.59.24All theology is public and all of Christian life is theology.

Jesus incarnated a message that threatened the political authorities and led to his execution. The kingdom of God is a political statement. Given this, I decided to blog about public theology – faith in the public square – life, leadership, church, culture, politics, ethics, statistics, ethics, faith@work, theology . . .

I am a barrister by training and practiced law in Belfast for five years before completing a masters in divinity at Regent College, Vancouver.

I now get paid to lead the Evangelical Alliance team in Northern Ireland and to be the operations director at Causeway Coast Vineyard.

Causeway Coast Vineyard is a vibrant missional community in Northern Ireland of approximately 1000 people. Our vision is to change the community one life at a time and to do so within our lifetime. We don’t simply want to have a great church, we want to have a great city.

Evangelical Alliance helps Christians be more united in their voice. I am part of the UK leadership team. I appear regularly in the media commenting on faith in the public square.

I previously worked for the Relationships Foundation, a public policy think tanks based  in Cambridge advising the government on family and social policy. I also led the faith@work initiative at Belfast Bible College, helping people work out their faith in the workplace.

I am married to Rose and we have two daughters. I am on the board of Regent College, Vancouver and New Horizon, Coleraine. I am a director in the family food distribution business. I like to run and compete in the odd triathlon.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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